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Middle School Students Share Ideas for affordable, sustainable community 

Eighth-grade students from Jack Jouett Middle School are using their lessons form the classroom to come up with ideas for an affordable and sustainable community.


Jack Jouett Students embrace nature at Wildrock

Students from Jack Jouett Middle School spent their day at Wildrock, thinking of ways to incorporate nature into their daily activities in the classroom and outside of it. .


Mountain View Will Be Recommended to the School Board as the School’s New Name

In agreement with students and staff members at Cale Elementary School, an advisory committee is recommending Mountain View for the school’s next name.


Cale Advisory Committee Narrows List of New Names to Six Suggested by Members

 After reviewing hundreds of potential new names for Albemarle County’s largest elementary school, the Cale Advisory Committee has narrowed down the options to just six.


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Read about what is happening at Jouett Middle and around Albemarle County.

Monticello Drama Teacher a Hit on Broadway

Madeline Michel sits on one of the couches lining her classroom, balancing a sparkly gold laptop on her knees as she tells two students about being summoned to the Monticello High School principal’s office.


Teachers strive to keep students connected and engaged amid the coronavirus shutdown

When Virginia schools shut down and sent students home for the foreseeable future, Steve Whitaker, a teacher at Jack Jouett Middle School, wanted to feel like he was doing something to help his students and help them stay connected as a class.


Albemarle County Public Schools program provides alternative to out-of-school suspension

Albemarle County Public Schools is taking a new approach to how it handles suspensions. 


Digital Equity Isn't Just About Equal Access To Technology

Rather it’s a critical component for creating equitable access to learning for ALL students. Over the past decade, Albemarle County Public Schools has used Digital Equity as the foundation for systemic improvement.


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